truLOCAL’s Employee Gifts overcome the virtual holiday blahs.

Showing appreciation for employees and business contacts just got easier.

Times are tough and showing appreciation through a zoom call can be even tougher. You can try to be sincere and say it or even put an emoji in the chat but that doesn't seem to truly show your gratitude. The screen somehow lessens sincerity and emotional connections. Rather than trying to express it over the internet, why not show how much you care about someone with a gift from truLOCAL’s new Employee Gifts Program? We send gifts that employees actually love - a box full of amazing food shipped directly to their door. But it's not just for employees. We have something for anyone on your list: venders, suppliers, partners, pen-pals, soccer coaches, your kid’s grade one teacher, or even Doug from down the street who returned a letter that was delivered to his house by mistake. No Matter who is on your list, you should make it easy on yourself this upcoming holiday and let us show your appreciation for you in a truly unique way.

Because social gatherings are still discouraged and meetings are still taking place online, the chance of hosting a company holiday parties over zoom is increasing. "With increasing labour shortages and reduced holiday party options due to the spread of the delta variant, businesses are clamouring to find ways to show their employees they care this holiday season," says Marc Lafleur, truLOCAL’s founder and CEO. "We are expanding our already successful gift box program to include businesses looking for unique ways to show employee appreciation while still remaining socially distanced. With our gourmet steak boxes being shipped directly to employees' homes, it is incredibly easy for companies to reward their staff from a safe distance. For companies struggling to balance safety and team culture, this is a phenomenal opportunity for employers looking for a unique yet hassle-free way to show their staff they care".

Choose the perfect gift from a range of price points and pick from a list of boxes filled with combinations of steaks, burgers, sausages, seafood, and more. We even offer a 100% plant-based box option for vegan and vegetarian employees, as well as a halal-certified box for employees with religious restrictions. Further personalize your gift with customized card with your message inside the box. All shipments arrive frozen, packed with dry ice, on your recipient’s front door, and can be sent almost anywhere in Canada. 

Ordering is simple. Go to our gifts page for more information and we will work with you to make sure that your recipients get the best box from you. Don’t stress about about showing appreciation through a screen or planning a holiday party where everyone needs to stay 6 feet apart. truLOCAL’s new Employee Gifts are a great way to say ‘Thanks” from a distance in a way that people will actually like.

Posted on September 28th, 2021