The best fundraising idea ever.

Give the rewards that people want: premium, locally-sourced meat and seafood. truLOCAL can help you run the easiest fundraiser ever.

Let’s be real. Fundraisers have a bad reputation. They ask you to part with your hard-earned money and somehow always seem to ask for it during dinner. Some fundraisers offer rewards for giving but it's usually stuff you don’t want (or you would have bought it) or something that you could have found elsewhere for cheaper. They try to sell you books, chocolate almonds, or a magazine subscription that you’ll never read. 

We’re here to change all that.

truLOCAL has the best fundraising program going! Premium meat from local suppliers that's delivered directly to your door. Would you rather support a fundraiser for over-priced, stale popcorn or for juicy, tender steak? No contest, right?

truLOCAL invites you to host a fundraiser that people will actually look forward to. Your next fundraiser can offer frozen, premium meat that your supporters will actually look forward to and your organization receives a portion of every box sold. But the great meat is not even the best part of hosting a truLOCAL fundraiser. The beauty of this program is that truLOCAL does most of the work for you. We have totally changed how you will run your next fundraiser.

No more need to spend hours setting up your fundraiser. truLOCAL makes it as easy as signing up on our website. You sign up online and spread the word. That's it.

No more paper forms for supporters to fill out (or spill coffee on). truLOCAL creates an online page, unique to your organization, for supporters to view the different reward options that they can choose from. They can do this at any time of day from wherever they want - all without hassling you.

No more guilting people into buying something that they don’t want. This fundraiser rewards people with what they love - premium beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. People will want to support your cause just to get the great grub. There are many different themes like surf and turf, poultry box, or BBQ box and each theme has three different price points so there is something for any budget.

No more collecting money or trying to cash cheques at the bank. All transactions are handled by truLOCAL’s secure e-commerce site so you don’t need to hound people for money or threaten to break their knee caps if they don’t pay up.

No more scheduling pickup days at your office or home and no more deliveries or drop-offs. truLOCAL ships directly to the supporter’s home so there is zero contact between you and those supporting you. Zero contact is critical for a fundraiser in this era of social distancing and safety protocols.

I suggested the truLOCAL fundraiser to the board of Directors at my daughters’ school. They were not even going to listen to me because “all school fundraising was cancelled due to exposure risks and liabilities.” I informed them that truLOCAL’s fundraiser had zero contact between the organizers and the supporters and they were all ears (and smiles). The fundraiser raised more than double the goal that the school set and the neighbourhood smelled like barbeque for a few weeks.

The only task that your organization needs to help with is getting the word out. The success of the fundraiser depends on people knowing about it but that part’s easy too. Just mention it in your newsletter, emails, flyers, social posts, updates, or even just word of mouth. 

So check out our fundraising program page for more information or visit just to find an existing program that might be running in your area to see what is offered. You will see that we have tons of great options at multiple price points for your supporters and how simple the process really is.

truLOCAL has made fundraising convenient for you and your supporters, with free delivery and rewards that people actually want. All without any contact between your organization and your supporters. We have changed fundraising forever!

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on January 14th, 2022