5 Ways to Eat more Seafood

5 Ways to Eat more Seafood


The best way to eat more seafood? Find a good recipe, of course! Not only is seafood easy to cook, but it is great at taking on any flavor your like. So whether you love it, or you hate it, here are 5 simple seafood recipes that you can add to your cooking repertoire today.


  1. Mediterranean Baked Cod

This one-pan Mediterranean Baked Cod perfectly pairs a rich tomato sauce with light and flaky fish for a simple yet delicious dinner.

(Link: https://kaynutrition.com/2017/07/mediterranean-baked-cod/)


2. Asian Salmon Tray Bake

 Stir-fry on a sheet pan? Yup, it can be done! Covered in a sweet and salty sauce, this Asian Salmon Tray Bake is perfect served on its own or with a side of fluffy rice.

(Link: https://kaynutrition.com/2017/04/asian-salmon-tray-bake/)


3. Thai Cod Green Curry

Whether you like them green, red or yellow, curries are a great weeknight meal, just a few humble ingredients create a whole world of flavor like in this Thai Cod Green Curry.

(Link: https://kaynutrition.com/2017/03/thai-cod-green-curry/)


4. Blackened Salmon

There is no better way to get dinner on the table in a hurry than with this quick and easy Blackened Salmon! Just a few ingredients go a long way in create a sweet and smoky flavor that the whole family will love.

(Link: https://kaynutrition.com/2017/08/blackened-salmon-with-avocado-salsa/)


5. Cajun Shrimp Tacos

These Grilled Cajun Shrimp Tacos are a quick and easy dinner idea, ready in 30 minutes or less, while still packed full smoky and spicy flavour!

(Link: https://kaynutrition.com/2018/07/grilled-cajun-shrimp-tacos/)


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Stephanie Kay Nutrition 

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