Five Things to Buy Local




We love LOCAL. It's not a secret - it's printed on every box we ship out, we wear it on our shirts and sweaters almost every day (seriously). Supporting local is a great way to put dollars back into your local economy, help out those small businesses in your community, and keep the earth happy, healthy, and sustainable. There are a lot of ways to support local artisans, craftspeople, and growers - and to keep showing your communities some love.



  1. SOAP: locally crafted soaps have become ubiquitous at farmers markets, craft fairs, and in pretty much any downtown/uptown/centre square shop you can think of. They're even sold in many breweries! Bar soaps produce less plastic waste, and hand-crafted options, while occasionally more expensive, often last longer, and smell/feel absolutely wonderful.

  2. VEGGIES: hit up your local farmers market, stand, stall, or shop for locally grown, in-season vegetables -- often at better prices than the grocery store! Some markets even stay open during the winter months - the cold can't keep us away! Seasonal vegetables are the best way to get the most bang for your buck in the produce aisles – not to mention, they’re good for you!

  3. HONEY: locally produced honey is available in most markets, and shops. Not only does honey never spoil, bees are one of the most important pollinators. Supporting local beekeepers and apiarists is supporting your friendly neighbourhood beehive - and we need the bees! 

  4. MAPLE SYRUP: there's nothing more Canadian than maple syrup. Except maybe poutine. And nothing beats the flavour of pure maple syrup tapped from Canadian maple trees. Whether you're adding it to pancakes, or bacon, or drinking it straight out of the jug (wait, what?) it's a staple item in every pantry. Sorry, we're not sorry. 

  5. MEAT: Of course, here at truLOCAL we're all about locally sourced meat. Lovingly raised by amazing producers in our own backyards, you really can't compete with the flavour - and the peace of mind knowing exactly where how each product was raised. Buying local meats keeps our producers afloat – and a country as agriculturally abundant as Canada needs its producers!


Article By: 
Trish Carnahan



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