How Fresh Meat Delivery Saves You Time In The Kitchen

Canadian families are busier now than ever, and this means many people are struggling to find time to accomplish everything that needs to get done in a day. Between work, exercise, commuting, and leisure activities or volunteering commitments, it can be hard to find time even for important tasks like cooking and shopping for groceries. 


Canadians have needed to become more strategic about making sure their families are getting the energy they need through wholesome, nutritious foods, and one of the most popular solutions to this problem has been meal prep that uses freshly delivered local meat. 


The idea behind meal prepping is simple: because things tend to be more hectic during the work week, it makes sense to spend time on the weekend doing as much preparation as possible for the upcoming week’s breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. And with the help of our truLOCAL fresh meat delivery service, it is easy to get high-quality local meats delivered straight to your door anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia, which makes preparing healthy, delicious meals easy.


If you want to eat more homemade food but simply don’t have time to spend cooking and shopping for groceries every day, here are a few creative dishes you can prepare in advance to save time and build a better diet.


Steak And Kale Salad


The key to good meal prep is usually simplicity: you can never go wrong with a good dose of protein offset by a large portion of vegetables. One of the simplest meals to start with is steak and kale salad. Pan-sear the steak on both sides, then cook for 10-15 minutes under a low heat. Once the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees, slice it up and store in a multi-compartment plastic or glass container. Fill the other compartments with chopped kale, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes, and voila! You’ve just solved the problem of Tuesday’s lunch.


If you want to make sure it’s extra healthy, make sure the steaks you order come from grass-fed beef — grass-fed beef is incredibly nutritious and richer in healthy fatty acids than conventionally raised beef.


Poke Bowls


One of the biggest trends in food over the past year has been poke bowls, a traditional Hawaiian dish that uses fish, rice, vegetables, and umami-rich sauces to create a fresh, energizing meal. The rice and vegetables can be prepared in advance and stored in containers in your fridge while the fish marinates to perfection. When you want a quick meal, simply combine everything and enjoy!


And because at truLOCAL we deliver quality fish that is sustainably caught, you can be confident that your poke bowl is also environmentally friendly.   



Soup In A Jar


Many people who try meal prep (especially those cooking for a large family) find it is easiest to simply make a large batch of soup or chilli on a Sunday afternoon, and portion it out into mason jars for meals throughout the week.


This is a great way to ensure that you always have a hot meal waiting for you, and because many soups are relatively quick to make, you won’t need to spend that much time in the kitchen. For a protein-packed seasonal favourite, try a Ukrainian red borscht with truLOCAL grass-fed ground beef, ground chicken, or artisanal sausage. 


Across Canada, families and single people alike are looking for convenient, modern solutions to make their hectic solutions work. Many of them have found that meal prep using fresh, sustainable meat delivered by truLOCAL is one of the best ways to improve their diets and spend more time cooking at home without having to cut back on the things they enjoy. 

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