truLOCAL Goes West

truLOCAL Goes West

The secret is finally out - as of June 2018, the truLOCAL model has officially launched in Alberta! You know what that means - Albertans can now support their local farms, eat top quality meat, and best of all, have it all delivered right to their door. 20+ products are currently available for your first box, including amazing 100% grass-fed Alberta beef from TK Ranch, delicious chicken from Kingsland Hutterite Colony and wild-caught Alaskan salmon!

Expanding the truLOCAL model has been a BIG dream for our tiny team since the very beginning. We are overwhelmed by the response in Ontario and the encouragement of our customers to spread the truLOCAL movement across the nation, starting by connecting Alberta right to the source. We have always fought for more transparency, and we are thrilled to help local Alberta farms connect with their customers, giving them time to focus on their high quality products and sustainable processes. We’re also so proud to give customers the chance to choose where their meat comes from, and who their hard-earned dollars support in the community - all with the convenience of at-home delivery.

Our roots are still, and will always be, in Ontario. We will continue to run our operations here as we continue to grow across the world (just kidding, only Canada - for now!) When truLOCAL shipped its first box two years ago in June of 2016, we hoped and wished and worked our rump roasts off to be able to announce an expansion - it’s almost hard to believe it’s finally here!

Check out our products page to see our growing list of top quality meat available in both Alberta and Ontario (and check back often - the list keeps growing!) - and be sure to head over to our suppliers page to get to know the small business and families you are supporting when you shop with truLOCAL!

We’ve got more big things on the way, so stay tuned to stay in the loop! Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts (and freezers), for letting us continue to connect you to the source!

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