truLOCAL is now offering simple, easy to cook recipes with every order!

We have one mission here at truLOCAL, to make incorporating high quality, local products into your life as easy as possible. Which is why we are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to your truLOCAL experience! Starting in September, with each truLOCAL order you will also receive a recipe to try out with your meat products!

Trying to spice up your typical meal can be a headache, and with how busy our lives are becoming, it starts to seem like an overwhelming chore. From trying to find a good recipe, to picking up the ingredients, we get totally get how hard it can be to muster up the energy to spend time being in the kitchen. This is why we’re super excited to announce our partnership with holistic nutritionist, Stephanie Kay (aka Red)! Stephanie will be creating recipe cards that you can use with your truLOCAL meat products. Now of course, we get the cooking struggle, and so does Stephanie. So, while these recipes will be absolutely delicious, they’re also easy to follow and simple to make!


1. They are DELICIOUS! 

2. They are simple to make, with step by step instructions!

3. They will be seasonal and holiday themed!

4. You will get a new recipe each month with your order!

Stephanie’s holistic perspective on food matches our own values. She appreciates balance and sustainability of food choices and locally grown food! Making her the perfect person to cook up these recipes. Her one of a kind recipes can help to switch up a typical meal and add an extra kick to your favourite truLOCAL products!

These recipes will be included with all subscriptions and there will be a new recipe included in your truLOCAL box each month!


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