TruLOCAL Meat Delivery Now Available In Alberta And British Columbia

At truLOCAL, we have been proudly connecting Ontarians with fresh local beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and buffalo for almost three years now. In that time, we’ve given thousands of customers the opportunity to have the best Ontario meat delivered straight to their door. Earlier this year, we decided to expand our service to other provinces as well.

We have been active in Alberta for several months, and as of this fall, we have made the truLOCAL fresh meat delivery service available in British Columbia as well. Just as all of our Ontario clients were connected with high-quality meat produced by in-province farms, our service in Alberta and British Columbia is also rooted in giving meat lovers an opportunity to purchase their favourite cuts from local producers.

If you are in Alberta or British Columbia and you’re interested in learning more about where your order comes from, here is a brief introduction to the farms and fisheries we work with.

Alberta: More Than Just Beef

If you think about “Alberta” and “food,” there’s a good chance the next word that will come to mind is “beef.” Alberta is legendary for its cattle ranges and ranching culture, and with our service, you can get the best of the best, no matter where in the province you live.

We partner with TK Ranch to help you discover grass-fed beef that is raised with the highest standards of environmental stewardship and humane farming.

But truLOCAL Alberta is about more than just beef, and with our meat box delivery service you can also get:


  • Fresh chicken from Kingsland Hutterite Colony
  • Angus beef from Benchmark Farms
  • Wild caught fish from North Sea Fish
  • Ethically-raised lamb from Lambtastic
  • Grass-fed elk and bison from Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch
  • Pork from Spragg’s Meat
  • Healthy bone broth from Borderland Broth




British Columbia: From Fisheries To Poultry Farms

Just as Alberta is known for its beef, British Columbia’s scenic coastline and glacier-fed rivers have made it one of the best-known places in the world to catch salmon. This has put British Columbia at the forefront in conversations about ethical fishing.

At truLOCAL, we are proud to source all of our British Columbia fish through Ocean Organic Seafood, a recognized provincial leader in sustainable fishing practices. With our delivery service, you can get fresh British Columbia salmon, lingcod, prawns, shrimp, and rock crab delivered weekly to your door.

Our subscribers in British Columbia also have access to high-quality chicken from Farmcrest Farms, the first verified non-GMO chicken producer in Canada, as well as local British Columbia beef, pork, and sausage from the following providers:


  • Two Rivers Specialty Meats, a British Columbia butcher that sources all its meat from sustainable, local farms from across the province.


  • Hopcott Farms, a family-owned farm in Maple Ridge that has been advocating for local, healthy, sustainable food for nearly a century.


At truLOCAL, we believe that it is possible to be local food champions on a national level. This is why we have been careful to expand our service to other provinces by partnering with local producers who share our values.

If you live in British Columbia or Alberta and you’re curious about our service, start building your first meal box today. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with what you find!

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