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Borderland Broth

Borderland was born from nothing more than a passion for health, and a desire for accessible, nutritious, family-friendly products. The health benefits of bone broth are extensive - and it's becoming an increasingly popular addition to soups, stews, and even smoothies! With an ongoing passion for providing high quality broths for everyone in the family (pets too!), we couldn't be more excited to bring nutrient-dense bone broth to your dinner table or travel mug.

Alberta Broth Delivery

Spragg's Meat

Greg Spragg's dream to raise pigs of his own finally came true in 2002, after working in the commercial hog industry for two years,. On Greg's birthday, his wife Bonnie surprised him with three piglets, the first of many. By summer's end, Greg and Bonnie had raised 75 pigs to market weight, and 50 were sold, leaving 25 for breeding stock. Three short years later, Greg and Bonnie's vision continued to grow as Spragg's Meat Shop officially opened its doors in Rosemary, Alberta. Greg and Bonnie are proud of their pigs, raising them outside with sunlight, fresh air, and open pasture. We are proud to partner with them to offer quality free range pork.

Alberta Pork Delivery

TK Ranch

There is certainly no shortage of quality Alberta beef, so when it comes to tasting the difference, experience matters. For over 50 years TK Ranch, located in east-central Alberta in the endangered Northern Fescue Grassland, has been committed to taking care of the wild prairie and producing quality beef for Albertans. Dylan and Colleen Biggs have been paving the way in the cattle industry and act as a sustainable model for others to follow. They believe that respect for the land and animals they steward is the foundation for creating clean, humane, gourmet, eco-friendly meat products. We are happy to partner with them to play our role in supporting small, sustainable farming, while offering some of Alberta's best clean, humanely raised, dry-aged,-grass-fed beef.

Alberta Beef Delivery

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch

Built in 1997, Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch lies east of the Rockies on 540 acres of lush rolling foothills. Their commitment to offering high quality elk and bison products in a natural, humane, and sustainable manner is why we are so proud to bring their products to your table. The animals remain on pasture year-round and are rotationally grazed on both native grass and alfalfa-grass pastures. Raising the animals in spacious, open, and stress-free conditions without the use of added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, or growth enhancing additives hugely impacts the incredible quality of the product they offer.

Rocky Mountain Ranch


After meeting in London, England following culinary college, Ray and Nancy Nolan began their partnership in life and in business, cooking for many notable figures including the Queen of England, and Nelson Mandela. Settling down in Vulcan, AB in 2012 to start their family, they also began raising lambs - their flock has since grown to over 400! Raising their flock in a 12,500 square foot barn, with free access to roam outdoors and live natural lives is integral to the Lambtastic operation. Their commitment to maintaining high ethical standards, and raising healthy, tender lamb is why we are so thrilled to partner with them to provide flavourful, high-quality protein.

Alberta Lamb Delivery

Effing Seafoods

Rob - the self-proclaimed Head Seafood Dude at Effing Seafood - decided to follow his dreams and get back into the world of seafood in 2016. Growing up in a commercial fishing family, he started fishing at a young age. After college, he became the general manager of 2 shellfish farming companies on the west coast of Vancouver Island. He grew the oyster named the Effingham in Effingham Inlet for 11 years -- this is the namesake for Effing Seafoods. Now operating with 2 employees, he's working tirelessly to source the absolute best seafood. Rob takes pride in having the highest quality fish, sourced from fishermen that he's built strong relationships with.

Effing Seafoods Delivery

Wild Rose Angus

Wild Rose Angus has been raising Angus beef for more than three decades. Located in Fort Macloud Alberta, Wild Rose prides itself on its traceability from the livestock right to the consumer's plate. They grow their own crops to feed their livestock that are raised right here in Alberta, and grain-finished to offer high quality meat. Their delicious Angus beef is wet-aged for 28 days and hand-cut to perfection. Like other Canadian meat, all their meat is guaranteed free from antibiotics and raised without added growth hormones, with minimum human interaction.

Wild Rose Angus

Kingsland Hutterite Colony

We asked where to find the best chicken Alberta has to offer, and the only answer was "The Hutterites". We turned to Kingsland Hutterite Colony, a local Hutterite colony in New Dayton, Alberta, founded in 2009 under the Miami Hutterite Colony. They hold a strong belief in wholesome living, so their flocks are free run in open areas with fresh air and are fed a vegetable and grain mix. We're thrilled to have partnered with Kingsland to give you access to this line of clean, humanely treated, Alberta-raised chicken.

Alberta Chicken Delivery
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