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Organic Ocean Seafood: An idea based on sustainability

Organic Ocean was established by independent West Coast fishermen who felt a balance had to be struck between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. By adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting practices, they provide the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and who want to ensure the long term health of the resource for the benefit of future generations. Their fish and shellfish have gained an international following of chefs who have found that they have elevated their clientele’s culinary experience by making environmentally friendly seafood choices and selecting sustainable options (you’ll find Organic Ocean on the menu of many top Vancouver restaurants).

BC Seafood Delivery

Farmcrest Farms: The first verified non-GMO chicken farmers in Canada

Farmcrest Foods, located in Salmon Arm BC, has never forgotten its beginnings – family is what got them started, and family is what keeps them going. The Bell and Bird families, hailing from Ireland, are third generation farmers. Their products are air-chilled for maximum freshness, flavour and overall quality and they’re proud to be the first non-GMO verified chicken farmers in Canada. Not only do the Bell and Bird families pride themselves locally grown BC poultry, they’re mindful of the ways that they can help to improve the environment while doing so. Farmcrest even grows all of their chicken food right on site to ensure product quality and sustainability. They continue to develop and implement innovative, eco-friendly solutions for the business, to ensure the safety and integrity of the land in which they operate.

BC Poultry Delivery

Two Rivers: Dry makes a difference!

Margot and Jason from Two Rivers Specialty Meats have a passion of connecting local farmers and meat eaters in British Columbia. In 2007 they built a business that started with just a handful of people in a tiny space, and grew it to the respected community minded shop it is today. Their beef is sourced from Cache Creek Natural Beef who care about animals and is then processed in house by highly trained meat lovers. The use of antibiotics is not necessary however, with a focus on sustainability and in the interests of animal welfare Cache Creek would not sacrifice an animal. If an animal is showing signs of illness, it is quickly moved to a “hospital pen”, kept for observation and pampered. Most animals quickly recover from minor maladies. However, if necessary, an animal would be treated with antibiotics and be removed from our program and sold to the conventional market.

BC Beef Delivery

Hopcott Farms: A true farm to table experience

Hopcott Farms is a family owned farm located in Pitt Meadows, BC. Originally purchased in 1932, the farm has continued to be run by the Hopcott family since the day it opened. Bob, Debbie and their children are strong advocates of eating local, supporting fellow farmers, and strengthening community relations. They are committed to bringing quality, farm-fresh products, like their home grown BC beef, right to your table.

Hopcott Farms Beef Delivered

Georels Bone Broth: Locally produced with a taste that can't be beat.

BC owned and operated, Georels Bone Broth is the creation of two Vancouver locals, Juli and Matt. With Juli as a trained Chef, and Matt with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, they have been a force to be reckoned with since the day they started. They created a broth that is rich in minerals, made with high quality local ingredients and with a taste that can’t be beat. After two years of selling primarily at the farmers market they knew one thing was clear - people absolutely loved their bone broth. The taste, colour, consistency really stood out to their customers, who also appreciated that there was no added salt or garlic. Through the transition from farmers market to retail they have made it a priority to partner with local retailers that had the same core values as their company – such as supporting local products here in British Columbia.

BC Bone Broth Delivery

Ogopogo Meats & Sausages

Based in Summerland, BC, Ogopogo has been providing quality meat cutting and sausage making since 1997, focusing on organic and all natural meats and sausages since 2000. They use only naturally raised, free-range, grass fed and grass finished meat in all of their products. Ogopogo believes that everyone should be able to enjoy great tasting, quality meats and sausages while living a healthy lifestyle. Their motto is "Our bodies are like engines, what you put in it determines how well it will run and for how long".

Ogopogo Meat Cutting and Sausage Delivered
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