Wild-Caught British Columbia Sidestripe Shrimp

  • 1 Package

Slightly bigger than our blue shrimp, these wild-caught BC Sidestripe shrimp from Ocean Organic Seafood are medium-sized out of the 3 varieties with spot prawns being the biggest. Our favourite thing about Ocean Organic Seafood? Their dedication to sustainably harvesting their seafood. Our favourite thing about Sidestripe shrimp? When cooked, they're tender, sweet, and delicious.

COOKING TIP: Sidestripe shrimp are a great size for grilling on skewers. Keep the shell on so that the meat doesn't get overcooked. A couple minutes will do the trick! You'll know they're ready when they turn opaque and pink.

Due to the nature of seafood, many products cannot be vacuum-sealed.

Please note that at certain times of year, shrimp and prawns may contain roe along their bellies. Roe is considered a delicacy in many cuisines, and is perfectly safe for consumption. Not your taste? It can be rinsed away in the sink!

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