Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

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A staple in every household, we’re proud to provide you with some of the highest quality chicken breast available, raised by a co-op of Ontario farmers. Supporting humane treatment, they are raised without the use of antibiotics, can move freely, and are grain-fed. Taking quality one step further, these breasts are air-chilled, rather than conventionally water-chilled which can cause the meat to retain extra water weight and actually shrink during cooking. Keeping with high standards, these chicken breasts are hand-trimmed and individually vacuum-sealed for freshness. With 2 breasts per package, this is the perfect portion to grill, broil, bake or fry for a delicious meal your family will love.

COOKING TIP: For best results, use a mallet or a spoon to even out the thickness to help ensure an even cook. 

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