Elk Sirloin Steak

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Canadian Rangeland's elk sirloin steak comes from Lacombe, AB. Compared to the ribeye or striploin steak, the sirloin steak is the leanest of the three. Cut from the "top butt" of the elk, you won't find too much (if any) marbling. If you've never had elk before, you can expect a similar flavour to beef but it's lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein. 

COOKING TIP: This is a great cut for a steak salad or steak tacos. Cutting it up into smaller pieces helps prevent it from being tough. Because of its low-fat nature, you have to be extra careful about not over-cooking it otherwise it'll dry right up. You know your steak is medium-rare when it's reached an internal temperature of 135°F. Go to 140°F for medium, but don't go past 150°F unless you want a dry steak. 

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