Lean Ground Beef

  • 0 1 package of ground beef

Don't worry, the only ingredient in this ground beef is ground beef. Just like it should be. When it's extra lean, grain-finished, and gluten-free, you can feel good about eating ground beef throughout the week. 

COOKING TIP: There is no cut of meat more versatile than ground beef. From hamburgers and meatballs to Bolognese and taco meat.

Looking to mix things up? Make a 'smashburger' at home. Form a 4-ounce ball of ground meat, season it all over with kosher salt and black pepper, then place it on a hot cast iron or stainless steel pan. Smash them down with a spatula and cook them for 2-3 minutes on each side for medium-rare. You'll want to scrape the crunchy, jagged edge off the pan when you flip it. Serve on a potato roll with lettuce, sliced tomato, and pickles.

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