Bison Burgers

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Also known as buffalo, bison is a leaner alternative to beef while being higher in protein but lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories. You don't need to worry about it being gamey, bison actually tends to be a bit more delicate (some would say sweeter) than beef. Its high concentration of iron gives it an earthy flavour as well. Raised in Alberta, Canadian Rangeland's bison are free-roaming year-round. If you're want to sink your teeth into a red meat burger but you're also trying to eat leaner, these bison burgers are a great addition to your next box.

COOKING TIPS: Just like their beef counterpart, these juicy burgers just need a little salt and pepper before they hit the grill. Slide them between a buttered bun or opt for a lettuce wrap with all the fixings to keep things lean.

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