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Meet some of our Nationwide suppliers.

Ouellet Farm

With no added hormones or antibiotics, the grass-fed and grain-finished cattle raised on Denis and Josee Ouellet’s farm live in a sustainable and healthy way. Located just outside St. Elizabeth, Quebec, the Ouellet farm originally grew organic crops and expanded in 1981 to also raise cattle. With four generations of farmers, the Ouellet family run farm has a lot of experience when it comes to raising the highest quality beef available. We are pleased to have teamed up with Ouellet farm to supply our truLOCAL customers with beef that is simply amazing.

Ferme Des Voltigeurs

Ferme Des Voltigeurs has been raising chickens in Drummondville, Quebec for more than 60 years. To ensure their chicken is of the highest quality available, they are raised without antibiotics and are only fed a grain-vegetable diet with no animal by-products. The entire process happens right on the farm - the chickens spend their lives there and are processed on-site to ensure the highest level of freshness available. After processing, the chicken meat is air-chilled to avoid shrinking when it is cooked. These extra steps add more work but the exceptional quality of the chicken makes it all worthwhile.


Operating right out of Quebec city, Viandex has been in the food business for more than 30 years and has built a reputation in Quebec for providing exceptional pork. Their pigs are fed a vegetable-grain diet without animal bi-products and are raised without antibiotics resulting in some of the best pork products around. Viandex’s dedication to producing high-quality pork products results in meat that you can feel good about eating.

Les Fermes Valens

Les Fermes Valens was created in 2006 when a group of family-run farms united in the beautiful western Montérégie region. Les Fermes Valens farmers refuse to use synthetic chemicals and prefer traditional techniques to avoid disease in their animals, despite it meaning harder work for them. They focus on the animal’s wellbeing and sustainability and they raise their turkeys naturally, without antibiotics. 

Ferme Avibross

Located in Ste-Élizabeth de Warwick, the Avibross farm started raising turkeys in 2001 but quickly found that the conventional methods of raising the birds did not always prioritize the animals’ wellbeing. The farm transitioned to using only sustainable practices for raising turkeys and the result was happier, healthier birds and a noticeably better tasting, higher quality meat. As a result, a lot of things changed including how they breed, shelter, and feed their birds. Their turkeys only eat a diet of grains (corn, wheat, soy, and oats) and minerals, without hormones or antibiotics. We agree - we love healthier, happier, better-tasting turkeys and so will you.

Viandes Rheintal

When you eat certified organic beef you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality possible without any synthetic growth hormones, reproductive hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. Choosing to farm according to organic standards isn’t easy but Viandes Rheintal knows that it’s the only way to ensure the highest quality beef available. Located in the Centre-du-Québec, Rheintal is a second-generation family business that grows crops, farms livestock, processes fresh organic meat, and has become a leader in the Quebec organic agrifood industry.

Ferme D'Oree

How should a beef farm be judged? Most people would say to judge it based on the taste and quality of the beef, and although we completely agree, we think that animal welfare and sustainability are also incredibly important. That’s why we get our 100% grass-fed and finished beef from Ferme d’ORée in Newport, Quebec. They don’t take shortcuts when it comes to their cows or farming practices and raise beef without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic pesticides. Their grass-fed and finished beef have a lot of health benefits like being higher in antioxidants, vitamins, and has twice as many omega-3 fatty acids as grain-finished beef. All of this matters to us - and yes, the beef tastes great too.


A great company with a catchy name and even better seafood, Afishionado is based out of Bedford, NS and believes that fish should be ethically and sustainably sourced. As a result, they only work with fisheries that have healthy stocks and aquaculturalists that raise their products sustainably. They want to make sure that the fishing industry is around forever so that great fish can be enjoyed for generations to come. Their fish is some of the finest that we have tried and we know more than a thing or two about fish. 

Springhills Trout Farm

The Taylors bought a 90-acre fly fishing club on a spring-fed creek in 1986, it took them almost ten years to convert it to a fish farm which opened in 1995. Opportunities to modernize and acquire additional operations, and expand their hatchery and processing capability over the past 25+ years have made the Taylor family and their loyal crew the largest vertically integrated fish farm in the province. The folks at Springhills fully own and operate everything from the hatcheries to the final processing which means the fish is safely controlled and carefully managed from tiny hatchlings to frozen fillets. This also means that the fish is barely hours old before it is cleaned, deboned, filleted and flash frozen ready for delivery to your doorstep. You can’t get fresher fish than that in Ontario unless you caught it yourself. The Springhills team has earned the highest global designation in terms of food safety and environmental sustainability. Their operation is both Ocean Wise recommended and certified by Best Aquaculture Practices. The second-generation brother and sister duo currently at the helm of Springhills’ live and breathe aquaculture and are respected leaders and modern innovators in the Ontario fish farming industry.

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