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Everything in moderation... except taco pizzas. 😍🙏 #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @kelseyinmoderation “Taco (Pizza) Tuesday🌮🍕 . I could eat this every day of my life, but for now, we'll just eat it every week📆 . Chicken crust (in my highlights, Keto Pizza), cooled, and topped with whipped jalapenõ cheddar cream cheese, taco beef, cheese, and all the veggies, pickled jalapenõs, and avocado🥑 . Crush up some Quest nacho chips and sprinkle all over the top to really take this next level!🌋”

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We want to know: What is your go-to, must-have, can’t-live-without, product? 🤔💭 #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @thriving.on.low.carb “It's been a while since I ordered @trulocal box! That's one of the great things I appreciate about the TruLocal subscription boxes, you can modify, change frequency, pause or cancel at any time. It's just so flexible! Plus you know their meats come from local producers with quality products. I took a pause from keto in April when I was having problems with gut flora. My stomach was constantly unsettled when I kept keto. I took a step back to replenish things (with fermented foods, yogurt, kefir and low carb ginger Kombucha through a local brew house) and tried to be sensible as carbs seemed to be ok. Sure I took a few liberties but throughout this time, I felt that I was I control and didn't binge. That's a big WIN! I've been quite busy of late and I haven't been feeding my body not only properly but at all. I've been under eating quite a bit. Which screws with metabolism ie. slows down. Lately, my body is letting me know that it's now ready to get back on keto and let's feed it sufficiently!! Having a TruLocal subscription box in my freezer is my first step to make sure I've got an abundance of keto friendly food in the house. Here's what I decided to fill my freezer with! -2lbs bacon -1lb wild caught humpback shrimp -3.5lb boneless cross rib roast (I plan to cut these into steaks) -8 beef burgers (4oz each) -710mL beef bone broth -3 top sirloin steaks (6oz each) -1lb pork ribs -4 duck breasts Now that I've got this wonderful selection, it's time to meal plan! 😉 If you're in Canada and would like to save $10-$20 on your first box, send me a DM and I'll give you a referral code 👍 Their prices include shipping by courier on dry ice, straight to your door!”

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Love BEER? 🍻 Love BEEF? 🥩 Love BOTH together at the same time? So do we! 🙌 We’re BEYOND excited to announce that we are partnering with Mill Street Brewery for the BEER & BEEF deal of the summer – 2 free top sirloin steaks with specially marked 24-packs of Mill St. Organic! 🎉 Kick off summer the BEST way – and hurry, this offer is only available at participating beer stores, while supplies last! 😎#truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource

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