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Perfect timing 👌📦#truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @andres_entrees “Ontario farms at my doorstep . See what I ordered on my page - 💁🏽‍♂️follow @andres_entrees for recipes and ideas - Now I don’t have to drive around the GTA to find some 💯 % grass fed meat 🥩 @trulocal”

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@kombucha.mami has this amazing way of making everybody who follows her 1. HUNGRY 🤤 and 2. LAUGH 😂#truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @kombucha.mami “A calorie is a calorie, right? • Hm I disagree with that. Calories measure the energy content of a food but it really doesn’t tell the whole story of your nutrition status. • You can eat enough calories but be deficient in fibre, vitamins and minerals and be dehydrated. • You can eat enough calories but have poor digestion and absorb none of those calories/nutrients and be malnourished. • You can eat enough calories but be so hormonally imbalanced that your body is storing all incoming energy as body fat, not just the surplus. • Nutrition isn’t just calories, you see. It’s a lot more. • Ask your questions during your next nutrition consult with me! Follow the link in my bio to apply.😘 • These @westsidebeef @richmondstation Grassfed burgers are stuffed with slow braised short rib on the inside. #innerbeauty Rosemary crispy potatoes, @trulocal nitrate-free bacon wrapped asparagus, fermented condiments, and a cold glass of Chardonnay were the perfect accompaniment, but not as perfect as my company! @marlineyan @robjkim”

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💚💚📦 #truLOCAL #ConnectingYouToTheSource #Repost . . . @coach_smazy “#flashbackfriday to when this box 📦 showed up at my doorstep overflowing with the best tasting selection of meats and fish. 🍤🥩🥓 it’s easy and it comes right to your door. “

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