Extra Lean Ground Turkey

  • 1 lb of Extra Lean Ground Turkeyy

The Butcher shoppes’ turkeys are raised without antibiotics on family farms right here in Ontario, the birds are grown sustainably in the most humane approach with absolutely no use of hormones or steroids. The birds are fed a natural diet of grains like corn and soy without any added chemicals, preservatives or animal by-products, and they drink clean purified water. When choosing between a variety of ground meats, extra lean ground turkey is a leaner choice as compared to beef or pork. This product is free of trans fat and low in saturated fats. It's got the same heart healthy type of fat (monounsaturated) that is found in other foods like avocados and olive oil! Turkey is an excellent source of protein, it contains essential minerals (iron, selenium, potassium and phosphorus) as well as several B vitamins (B3, B5, B6 and B12). It's also naturally gluten-free, and suitable for keto, paleo and other low carb diets.

COOKING TIP: Thaw the package on a drip-proof container overnight in your fridge, or under cool running water for about 30 min. Like all raw poultry, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and contact surfaces after handling. Extra lean ground turkey is a smart swap for ground beef in a Bolognese sauce or lasagna. Try turkey in tacos, chilli, meatballs, burgers and even meatloaf. Just make sure you don't over handle the meat. Overworking ground turkey can lead to a tougher final product. To cook ground turkey, simply saute on high heat in a non-stick pan until fully cooked or 74C (165F).

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