Wild Caught Lobster Tails

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Usually, lobster is a treat reserved for special occasions at fancy restaurants but our lobster tails are so easy to make at home you don't need a reason to celebrate. The sustainably caught wild tails have a sweet and delicate flavour that some say tastes a bit like crab while others say shrimp, and a slightly firmer texture than the meat from a lobster's claw. Our lobsters come from Caudle's Catch, a family-operated Ontario seafood supplier that specializes in the very highest quality of seafood. The lobsters are wild-caught from the North Atlantic Ocean, hand-packed in Prince Edward Island, and packaged as raw in-shell tails with two 3 oz tails per pack. Lobster tails are very versatile and are just waiting for your favourite method to prepare them. They are delicious when boiled, steamed, baked, broiled, or grilled - so take your pick! No matter which cooking method you choose, we recommend serving them with clarified butter and fresh lemon, or beside your favourite steak as a surf & turf dinner. Another recommendation is to use the empty shells to make a delicious lobster broth to add to soup, or mashed potatoes, or mac and cheese - the list goes on and on. *Be aware that this product contains shellfish (lobster). *Due to the nature of seafood, many products cannot be vacuum-sealed.

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