Thank you, truly

From a freezing cold garage with 4 employees last Christmas, to three provinces and 20+ employees this Christmas...myself and the team couldn't be more thankful for everything this year has brought us. The truLOCAL community - every single person who has supported us in any way, big or small, has made a huge impact on us this year. Thank you, truly - from the CEO, to you.

It’s insane to think that this is our second Christmas here at truLOCAL...When I think back to this time last year, we were working out of a small garage with no heat and 4 people. The things we’ve been able to accomplish in 2018 still seem like a dream to me, and on top of owing it to the amazing team we’ve been able to put together at truLOCAL, the “thanks” belongs to you. 


In a nutshell, when you look at truLOCAL it looks like we just sell meat online. It looks like we’re just another company who decided to throw up a website and start selling some sort of product. But the reason that I’m so thankful for all of you that have supported us this past year is because you gave us the chance to show you that we’re so much more. You gave us the chance to show you our passion, and show you that truLOCAL stands for something other than an easy way to shop for your meats. truLOCAL is here to push us towards a more direct connection to the farmers and producers that are responsible for the unique products we’re able to offer online. Your decisions to take a chance on us is what gave way to the community we’ve been able to build around the truLOCAL movement. We still have a LONG way to go before truLOCAL realizes it’s vision of being the ultimate connection to the source, but one thing is absolutely certain, we never would have even made it this far without the chance you took on our service and for that, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.


I’ve had the chance to send two messages like this, this year. The first was how overwhelmed we were by the support after our Dragons’ Den launch, and the second was when we took another major milestone and had the opportunity to bring truLOCAL out to Alberta and BC. “Thank you” can only go so far, but I want you all to know that as truLOCAL grows, I will never forget you. As the group of customers who took a chance on us and helped us/continue to help us get off the ground, you’ll always have a special place in our story. Depending on how involved you are in the truLOCAL community, the thank you in this email may not mean too much to you, but know that it means everything to me, and that there is at least one person who you may not know personally, but that is genuinely wishing you the absolute greatest holiday. Once again, whether you like it or not, because of how much this journey has impacted myself and the truLOCAL team personally, I consider all of you my friends. And for that reason I truly hope your holiday season is filled with all the happiness and joy you deserve, and that you’re able to end 2018 on a note of growth, happiness, health, love and success. 



CEO and Co-Founder


Posted on March 28th, 2019