Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon? Wine Not!

Nothing is better than steak - except maybe WINE and steak!

Picture this – you’ve put on a fancy outfit. There’s a candle lit. Soft jazz music (or pleasantly heavy metal, if that’s your vibe) is playing in the background. It’s date night. Or it’s treat-yo-self night. Or it’s “I’m so glad this week is finally over” night. It’s whatever night you want it to be – you’re about to have a beautifully marbled, locally-sourced, farm fresh striploin steak, with a glass of impeccable cabernet sauvignon. The flavours will meld together perfectly, and every stress you’ve ever felt will instantly wash away.

Now, imagine all that – from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve partnered with a Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia called Angus the Bull* – a brand that believes in quality as much as we do. Be on the look out for a special coupon we have placed on the Angus the Bull bottles at select liquor retail stores, during the month of August in British Colombia and Alberta and September in Ontario. These coupons redeem FOUR bonus striploin steaks in your next box. Think that sounds like a match made in heaven? We do, too!

We know you want premium flavour – with convenience. Angus the Bull is a wine created with red meat in mind. It’s expertly and creatively crafted to draw out the to-die-for flavour of a premium cut of beef. Not much of a wine connoisseur? No problem! You don’t need to guess which wine will pair best with your steak – Angus the Bull was created to make the choice simple.

Whether you want to wow guests with a dinner party, or just have a special evening at home, your wine pairing is taken care of. The expert creators behind the Angus the Bull brand know that the incredible marbled fat in beef helps draw out the more subtle fruity flavours of red wine, creating an intense and unforgettable flavour experience. Made from hand-selected parcels of cabernet sauvignon grapes from growers across Central Victoria, Australia, quality is the top priority for this special wine.

That focus on hand-selected, high quality ingredients is something we can wholly relate to. Thoughtfully crafted wine, paired with our expertly raised beef sourced from incredible local producers and suppliers, makes for a meal you’ll wish could go on forever. We’ve visited the farms we work with to get a feel for their operations, and to take the leg-work out of sourcing top quality meats, raised right in your province.

It’s becoming easier and easier to recreate high-quality, luxurious experiences, with the convenience and comfort of being at home. Take the guesswork out of your wine selection, and the long grocery store lines out of your meat purchases. Just pour a glass, sear a steak, kick up your feat, and relax.

Article by:

Trish Carnahan

* Andrew Peller Imports is a Canadian Importer and Marketing Agency part of Andrew Peller Limited. We specialize in premium wines and spirits from around the world such as Angus the Bull.


Posted on December 8th, 2021