Support Local Farms and Producers Through truLOCAL this Summer!

With truLOCAL, you get your favourite meat delivered to you and support local farms and businesses.

Canada has long been famous for its wheat fields, cattle ranges, and delicious wild game, and getting to enjoy the bounty that provinces like Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia produce is one of the great pleasures of summer.

So it may come as something of a surprise that many small farmers in Canada have been facing serious challenges for at least a decade. As family operations are bought out by large agribusinesses that can operate on economies of scale, it was unclear whether there was a future for young farmers even before the coronavirus pandemic dealt a massive blow to the entire agriculture industry.

At truLOCAL, we believe that connecting consumers with farms and producers in their own province is a major part of our mandate as a meat delivery company that specializes in local food.

For this reason, we have made connecting you straight to the source of your food our mission by partnering with local businesses that share our values and are dedicated to producing the best meat Canadian farmers raise. So, if you want to support local farms this summer, here are just two of the ways a truLOCAL subscription can help.

1. Our Website is a One-Stop-Shop

With Canada Day behind us, we are well into this year’s grilling season, and that means that many Canadians are hankering for barbecue favourites like ribs, burgers, and steak. And when you buy these premium cuts from local farms, they’re guaranteed to taste even better.

One of the main advantages of ordering local meat through truLOCAL is that our website is a one-stop-shop that can connect you to the best artisanal farms and producers in your province. We bring together a range of local beef, pork, chicken, and seafood products that you can mix and match however you want to build your own meat box (click here to learn more about monthly meat packages and how they work here).

Our products list makes it easy to check out all the meat you can order for your meat box delivery, and it also makes it easy to find out what farm or producer the meat is coming from.

Do you live in Ontario? Then you can rest assured that your meat is coming from places like:

Call British Columbia home? When you order a seafood meat box, you know your truLOCAL wild-caught Haidacore tuna, spot prawns, and scallops came from Organic Ocean Seafood, a Richmond-based company that practices and advocates for sustainable seafood harvesting.

And if you’re in Alberta, you also have the chance to get to know the people behind your grass-fed steaks, boar chops, bone broth, and thick-cut bacon — people like:

At truLOCAL, we understand that behind every plate of food, there is a team of people who have worked hard to raise, harvest, and process it, which is why we care about making sure that our customers know where their food is coming from.

With truLOCAL, you can conveniently order products from all these producers and more with a few clicks on our website, making it easier than ever before to support local farms and fisheries. And with our specialized truLOCAL recipes, we also give you advice on how you can turn your meat into a meal that will bring out all the best flavours and textures of your premium cuts.

2. Delivery Makes it Easier to Shop Responsibly

While some provinces have moved to reduce coronavirus-related restrictions in all or some of their regions, many Canadians are still concerned about the virus and want to continue practicing some forms of social distancing.

Just because it is becoming easier to shop and pursue leisure activities doesn’t mean people should assume things are back to normal. Reducing the number of shopping trips you make is one significant way you can reduce the risk of contracting the virus or spreading it to others.

Experts suggest that the virus spreads much more easily in enclosed spaces with little airflow, which means that sharing a socially distanced picnic with friends in your backyard is significantly less risky than picking up some sausages for that picnic at your local butcher shop.

This has led people who might normally prefer to patronize small local-owned businesses to do their weekly grocery shopping at a big chain supermarket, where the meat may not be the highest quality, and has probably been shipped in from producers across the continent and around the world.

For this reason, truLOCAL delivery isn’t just safer and more convenient; it is also a great way to continue supporting small businesses and local farms this summer.

If you want to know more about how we can help you navigate the pandemic, check out our blog to read more about the adjustments truLOCAL has made to ensure that we are offering a service that is safe for both our employees and for our valued customers.

It has been clear for a couple of months that summer 2020 will not be like any summer in recent memory. Between the coronavirus pandemic and the widespread protests against police brutality that have led many Canadians to reckon with difficult parts of their nation’s history, it is more important than ever for Canadians to practice real solidarity.

While choosing to buy from local businesses may seem like a small thing to do, purchasing your groceries from small farms run by people who are passionate about environmentally responsible agriculture and sustainability is a concrete step you can take to support businesses in your community facing unprecedented challenges.

Posted on July 21st, 2021