How Subscriptions Can Save You Money

Subscription services are usually the first to go when the budget tightens – but your subscriptions could be helping you save money! Find out how.

Everyone loves the idea of saving a little coin. Skipping that morning drive-thru coffee, packing that brown-bag lunch, scoring those hidden gems on the clearance rack – getting a great deal and saving a bit of money can feel great. Whether you’ve got a major expense coming up, you’re saving for a rainy day, or you’re just trying to reduce your overall expenditures, sometimes the budget gets a little bit narrower, and some spends need to be re-evaluated. Subscription services are usually the first to go when the purse strings tighten – but your subscriptions could be helping you save money! Despite their monthly, bi-monthly, or even annual cost, many subscription services end up costing less per week than a la carte equivalents.

When assessing wants vs. needs, it can be easy to say that entertainment is a want, resulting in impulsive cancellations of streaming subscriptions. However, it’s important to our wellbeing to have the opportunity to relax and unwind – and using a streaming service for less than $20/month is significantly cheaper than a pricey cable package or a night out at the cinema. Just one night out at the movie theatre can easily cost $50 – especially if you purchase an upgraded ticket or concession stand treats. Watching a movie or following a TV series can be a huge mood booster – and an uplifted mood can positively contribute to productivity, both at work and at home. It’s important to take time to let go of the stresses of the day to day, so that your mind is energized and better able to refocus.

Another great money-saving subscription option? Meat subscriptions, of course! Have a bit of sticker shock? That’s totally normal – especially when you’re buying for three, four, or six weeks at a time. Purchasing in bulk, or more than just a week at a time, can feel more expensive because it’s a bigger investment upfront – but our most popular $259 box is only about $65 a week on a monthly plan! When you subscribe to a meat delivery service, you can customize each order, so you can plan around exactly what you’ll have in the freezer for the month. That means no more impulse purchases at the butcher counter or in the meat aisle – you’re already equipped with what you’ve got at home. Planning dinners is a breeze – you can purchase ingredients for side dishes that go with what you’ve ordered in your box. No more tossing out produce that looked great in the store but didn’t have a meal to call home – which means no more valuable dollars being hauled out to the curb on garbage day. Plus, with individually packaged portions, you can thaw and use exactly what you need, further reducing household food waste. The vacuum seal helps each cut to last up to a year in the freezer, which also means less freezer-burnt food thrown in the trash when you clean out the freezer! With the ability to re-schedule your orders with no penalties, you can also ensure you’re not spending on your subscription when you don’t need it – like when you’re out of town, or a friendly family member has dropped off a hearty casserole.

Our last top cash-saver? Exercise subscriptions! Often cheaper than a full gym membership, many offer 20, 30, or 45+ minute workouts using minimal or no equipment. Following a plan can help you to stay on track, without taking on hefty membership fees. No matter your fitness level, you can get in a killer workout without much home equipment at all and keep those funds safely in your pocket.

There’s also hidden savings when you make use of subscription services. Fewer trips out to grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and movie theatres means less money spent on gas and vehicle maintenance – on top of saving the upfront cost of your outing.

While common personal finance advice may suggest scrapping all subscription services when you’re trying to reduce expenses, they can be an excellent tool for budgeting and staying on course. Knowing exactly what you’re paying for can help you better plan out your monthly spending. Plus, making use of your subscriptions at home can help to save on impulsive purchases while you’re out and about. Of course, life is all about balance – making good use of subscription services can work perfectly alongside those well-deserved nights out and indulgent treats.

Article by: Trish Carnahan

Posted on October 22nd, 2021