Meatless Mondays just got better for BC truLOCAL customers.

truLOCAL continues to offer customers high-quality choices with their new plant-based options.

truLOCAL loves connecting local farmers and suppliers with customers who demand high-quality, delicious options to feed their families. It’s true! We love finding people with similar mindsets and providing them with an almost endless number of products ranging from beef, poultry, pork, seafood, and, in some regions, even frozen fruits and vegetables. We’ve focused primarily on meat in the past because that was the biggest gap in the marketplace but we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers more. We are proud to offer variety and choose to carry specialty options like wild-caught fish or grass-fed and finished beef so that the customers can decide for themselves how they eat. 

We know that not everyone in a household eats the same way and not everyone eats meat for every meal. We know that our customers want the opportunity to choose plant-based alternatives to traditional meat without sacrificing taste or quality. Whether you call them “meatless meals” or “plant-based proteins” we searched high and low for the best and found that they’re made right here in BC! These amazing meatless options are so good, you won’t even believe your mouth.

These amazing meatless options are so good, you won’t even believe your mouth. BC residents can get their truLOCAL meatless proteins by using one of the following two ways. You can order a box filled entirely with our favourite meatless proteins from our plant-based curated box page. There is no need for a truLOCAL subscription when ordering one of these boxes that contain meatless burgers, meatless breakfast patties, meatless bangers, meatless ground beef, meatless meatballs, meatless crab cakes, and so much more. It is a great way to stock your freezer up with plenty of plant-based proteins for the next Meatless Monday, a family member who chooses not to eat meat, or for when you want to enjoy a burger but don’t feel like eating red meat.

You can also try our new products by selecting up to four items as add-ons to your next order. Simply go to your account page, click edit your box, and then click change your add-ons. Now you can see all of the items that can be added to your next box including our new meatless options. These items will be added only to your next subscription box but won’t repeat on future orders. Choose from up to four meatless proteins such as burgers, hot dogs, crab cakes, ground beef alternative, or a dairy-free and meatless butter chicken. You can also see which items are meatless by looking for a green “Plant-based” logo in the lower right corner of the product image.

We want to offer our customers a choice beyond meat so that they can choose to eat what they want and how they want, and adding plant-based proteins to truLOCAL is one way to do that. For anyone looking to diversify what they eat from time to time, we’ve plant-based options to introduce plant-based eating into your meal plans so you too can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Add them to your order and you will see why we love them even though we also love meat. 

Posted on July 14th, 2021