truLOCAL’s Wine and Dine boxes are the perfect date night idea.

If you need to plan a special night for Valentine's Day, check out our Wine and Dine box!

By now you’ve likely already heard about our popular curated boxes - single-box orders that ship directly to your house with no need to be a subscribed truLOCAL member. They are convenient, delicious, and there are options that suit any preference from steak, to seafood, to barbecue favourites. truLOCAL even has a few boxes aimed at creating the perfect romantic date night meal - lobster, steak, scallops, and more. They’re the perfect start for a romantic, sophisticated meal at home but we have even better - and it's just in time for Valentine’s Day.

truLOCAL offers two amazing versions of our date night themed curated boxes. The first is called the date night box and it has all the truLOCAL favourites that you’d expect for the perfect date night meal at home. The second box is called the wine and dine box and it comes with some truLOCAL date essentials and, yep you guessed it, a bottle or two of amazing local wine! As with any of our curated boxes, there is no need for a truLOCAL subscription and delivery is always free. 

Date Night Box

Don’t get too hung up on the name of this box. Yes, this box is the perfect way to plan a sophisticated date night meal but you don’t need a date night just to get this box -it’s a great way to stock up on some amazing products, whether it’s for one person or a family of six. The date night box contains two lobster tails, two striploin steaks, scallops, bacon, and chicken wings. My head first races to a super sophisticated surf and turf meal with bacon wrapped scallops, sweet lobster, and juicy steak but you could make a million different variations with these amazing products. This is the perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to get your order in by February 9th to get your box in time.

Wine and Dine

So how could we make our date night box even better? With the perfect wine, of course! truLOCAL now offers some lovely local wines to pair perfectly with your special night. The wine and dine box includes two lobster tails, two filet mignons, scallops, bacon, and your choice of either a white or red wine (or both!!). We change up the selection of wines each season so there will always be a great bottle of wine to try. This program is launching in Ontario to start with but we hope to have it in each of our zones soon. Obviously, you have to be of legal drinking age to order and receive this shipment because it contains alcohol. For more details, head over to our wine and dine page. If you think that this sounds perfect for Valentine’s Day, you’re right. Just make sure that you order it by February 3 because we need to order the wine in time to pack it in your box. 

If seafood and steak isn’t your idea of the perfect meal, check out our other curated box options to find the one that’s best for you. We have preselected boxes to suit anyone, and if you want to customize your own order, you can become a member and cancel at any time. 

Can you imagine coming home from work one Friday night and finding out that your loved one has prepared a luxurious surf and turf meal? How overwhelmingly romantic would that be? The first step is the easiest: get all the meat and seafood from truLOCAL. 

Now to find a babysitter… 

Article by:

Steve Tippin

Posted on February 7th, 2022