truLOCAL Rewards.

Our loyalty program can earn you what you love: free meat!

Have you cashed in your free loyalty points for free truLOCAL goodies yet? Wait, you don’t know about the loyalty program?! Well, let us tell you about it.

Do you remember the punch cards at Blockbuster video where you earned a free movie after renting ten movies? Yes, it was back when VHS tapes were cutting-edge technology but you get the idea, right. Blockbuster gave their customers free rewards for doing what they were doing already: renting movies. Coffee shops and pizza joints also have tried similar punch cards and customers love them. truLOCAL launched a similar loyalty program called truLOCAL Rewards allowing their customers to earn points with every shipment so they can earn free truLOCAL products. 

How to enroll.

Earning reward points is really easy. In fact, if you are an active truLOCAL member, you are already enrolled. There is no need to sign up or register. Even if you didn’t know about the rewards program, you’d still be earning points.

How to earn reward points.

Members can earn points in a variety of simple ways. They earn points with every shipment and earn bonus points for certain milestones such as the first, third, and tenth shipments. Heck, we even give you points on your birthday! Earning points is easy because you get points for what you are already doing: using truLOCAL.

How to see your points and get free product.

If you want to see how many points you have or want to use them to get some free goodies, log into the my account page and click “Manage Rewards” from the left side menu. There you’ll see how many points you have and can use them to add free meat to your next shipment. You could add bacon, steak, chicken breast, or more. You could even get your next box for free! It’s a simple way for us to say thanks for supporting us over the years. Check out your truLOCAL Rewards today!

Posted on March 17th, 2022