truLOCAL celebrates Pi Day by adding pies to our marketplace!

March 14 = 3.14 = Pi Day = Pies for everyone!!!

How many mathematicians does it take to bake a pie?


Get it? It’s a pi joke. Y’know? Pi, as in the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. 

We love pi but we’d prefer to eat pie any day. Today is the best day of the year to show our love for pies because the date March 14, also known as pi day, can be written as 3.14 which is also pi simplified to two decimal places. Because we love pies (and puns) so much, we have decided to celebrate pi day by adding fully prepared, frozen pies to our marketplace.

Starting March 14, truLOCAL customers will be able to add pies to their orders. Choose from a variety of sweet and savoury pies that are made by local piemakers from each truLOCAL region using local ingredients. That means that there’s no need to peel, chop, and cook apples for hours just to enjoy a great apple pie. Take a break because all of our pies are fully prepared and only need to be heated in the oven before enjoying. Each region will have unique pies and they will change every season - so come back often to see which pies we will feature in our marketplace. It’s just another way that truLOCAL can help make our customers’ lives more convenient. 

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

Posted on March 14th, 2022