Great ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day.

We give you ten great ideas for Mother's Day gifts.

Moms are pretty great. They birth us, feed us, and protect us. And what do they get in return? Well, they say loving us is thanks enough for them but they have to say stuff like that. This Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom, whether biological, adoptive, or just someone that is a parent figure to you, how much you appreciate them and all that they’ve done. Feel free to celebrate your mother with any of the following thoughtful ways and pretend like the idea was yours so you get all the credit.

Everyone loves a good soak

Show how much you care by letting them relax all day. We think that setting up your own private spa in the bathroom is the perfect way to do it. Light some candles, steep some tea, and get out the bath bombs because Mom’s going to soak the stress away. Bonus points for clearing their busy schedule first or by taking on whatever tasks they had on their to-do list to make time for their spa day.

Cook them a great meal

No one appreciates a good meal more than those who are usually in charge for feeding everyone else. Make Mom’s favourite meal for them or order a great meal in our truLOCAL curated boxes. You already know that we are the biggest supplier of subscription-based meat delivery in Canada but did you know truLOCAL has single order boxes too? You could get Mom a thoughtful and nourishing gift in a box and make sure that they eat really well on Mother’s Day. Bonus points if you make the meal with them or if you are sending it as a gift because you live too far away to enjoy it with them.

Give them a free day

Nothing is more valuable than time and love. Give them both to your special person by giving them a day to do whatever it is that they have always wanted to do but have never found the time to do so. If you are able to tackle the projects they had planned, they would have the time to do it. It might be a bucket list item or just sit and relax while reading a book but if you can clear their schedule for them, they would be very appreciative.

Make them a playlist

Okay, we admit that this sounds kinda cheesy at first but think about it. You know good music when you hear it and Mom could definitely use an update to whatever she listens to so introduce them to new music that they may enjoy. It is a great way to show them what you are into and it might become a common interest that you both share. Bonus points if you already share a common groove and you get concert tickets to an upcoming show.

Clean their car

Cars just get messy, it’s just a fact of life, and they stay messy because no one takes the proper time it takes to clean it. The most that a majority of us do is to make sure the garbage is taken out or vacuum it out once a year. Surprise your loved one by doing a thorough deep clean of their car as a surprise. Vacuum it, clean the dash, and give the whole outside a sudsy scrub. Sure, it won’t stay clean for long but it really shows how much you love them.

Buy them a thoughtful gift

Everyone has something that they have wanted to buy for a while but haven’t for one reason or another. Maybe it is just too expensive, luxurious, or complicated so purchasing it always gets pushed back. Help Mom out by buying something that they have always wanted. It could be a new device, setting up their Bluetooth speaker, or super-soft bath robe. You could buy them a lifetime of perfectly cooked meat by buying her a MEATER meat thermometer so that they will never overcook steak again. It is incredibly advanced but still easy to use and you can find a 20% discount on the Original MEATER or MEATER Plus on on Partner Perks page (Note that this deal is subject to change on May 9th, 2022).

Take a class

People love when we take interest in the activities that they enjoy so why not join them in an instructional class based on their interests? If they love to cook, join them for a cooking class. If they love yoga, get your stretch on together. If they are creative, take an art class together. Whatever it is, fully devote yourself to that interest for an evening. You may find that you love it too.

Cook a family recipe 

Every family has their own traditions and they often involve food. You should make one of your family recipes for Mom on Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s their own recipe for spaghetti sauce or your great Grandmother’s recipe for muffins - whatever it is, make it come to life by cooking it. Bonus points if Mom wants to make it with you. If cooking isn’t your thing, bring them to their favourite restaurant and let them choose what will remind them on their childhood the most.

Volunteer together 

Find out what their favourite charity is and spend the day together volunteering for the cause they believe in. They will love that you are taking an interest in what they think is important and you’ll be making a difference for a great cause. It could be helping to repaint the church they attend, feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen, building a home for Habitat, or helping some other local organization. If you live far away from Mom, you could make a donation in their name or volunteer at a similar charity in your region (don’t forget to call and tell them how great you feel making a difference). Bonus points if you volunteer at a women’s shelter on Mother’s Day.

Make something special

Remember when you were really young and made them gifts like a picture frame with painted macaroni glued to it? Mom told you that it was the most amazing thing that they had ever seen and loved it so much because you made put in the effort to make them something. You likely have upgraded your skills since grade one so make a special gift (try to go beyond gluing macaroni to a picture frame unless that is your current skill level and, in which case, no judgment). You could make a floral bouquet, tie-dyed shirt, or frame a family portrait for them. Realistically, you could just update their telephone list and they’d be thrilled. Its matter less about what you make - it’s special because it was made by you.

Moms are incredibly special and we should take time to celebrate them on Mother’s Day. The ideas above are just suggestions on how to make your mom feel the love. Happy Mother’s day, everyone.

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on May 3rd, 2022