Mornings Suck! But These 6 Things Will Help You Make The Most Out Of It!

Instead of hitting the snooze button, start your day with a simple routine to super charge your productivity and keep your mindset healthy and positive.

Time. It’s one of your most scarce resources as an entrepreneur, so increasing time throughout the day while maintaining a productive routine is a must. While the tips below can keep be implemented throughout the day to you on track, starting your morning off with these simple tasks can set you up for an entire day of success. Instead of hitting the snooze button, start your day with a simple routine to super charge your productivity and keep your mindset healthy and positive.

1. Drink water (1 minute)

Your brain and body need water. Especially in the morning after you’ve gone without it for 8 hours. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day so that you’re constantly reminded to stay hydrated. 

2. Brush your teeth (2 minutes)

One of the best things to do when you get out of bed is brush your teeth. While you sleep, your mouth produces less saliva while increasing bacteria.

3. Meditate (3-7 minutes)

Whether on your drive to work, after a hectic day at the office, during a workout, or during a self-imposed break that you want to be productive on, as few as 3 minutes of meditation a day can result in an influx of positive benefits. These benefits can include a calm mind and clearer perspective for the rest of your day. There are many apps and videos to guide you through meditation and after a few trials, you may be ready to use your own personal style of unguided meditation.

4. Focus (5 minutes)

Focusing and meditating may sound similar but their goals are quite distinct. In meditation you want to silence your mind and focus on your breathing or your surroundings. You want to avoid thinking about your ongoing to-do list or your busy work day ahead.

With five minutes of focusing, you deliberately take the time to think about your goals for the day and make a mental game plan of the actions and needs of each day. This is less about looking at a calendar and more about trying to prioritize and maximize your daily efficiency. It’s important to include personal goals in this focus time too. A work life balance is an essential part of maintaining success and happiness in all areas of your life.

5. Exercise (7-20 minutes)

Working out and staying physically active is a huge part of building massive success. Stimulating your body helps to stimulate your mind. While formal workouts can be done at a gym or by watching a workout video, small bursts of exercise are super effective in starting your day with movement, which can of course later be followed by a more typical gym workout. Phone apps and Instagram fitness pages provide many quick feasible home workouts that last less than 10 minutes but still provide an energy boost.

6. Stretch (2 minutes)

You’re a go-getter and short on time, so the last thing you need in your life is an injury limiting what you can do. So take 2 minutes and stretch! Either before or after exercise, take a few minutes and work on your flexibility. You can even incorporate some mindfulness meditation while you stretch by focusing your mind on each stretching movements. 

Danielle Rice


Posted on September 14th, 2018