Grocery Delivery Services Are Changing How Canadians Shop For Meat

With convenient grocery services like truLOCAL, you can have fresh, locally raised meat delivered to your door every month. Start building your first order today!

How Fresh Meat Delivery Can Help Save You Time And Money


For most of us, grocery shopping is a necessary chore. Taking time out of your weekend or after a long day of work to ferry a shopping cart around a busy supermarket and then stand in a long checkout line just to buy fresh groceries is no one’s idea of fun, and for many Canadians, big box grocery stores offer endless temptations that aren’t good for your budget or health. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that at a time when convenience is king, more and more Canadians are turning to home delivery options that are tailored to fit their own busy lifestyles.


Grocery delivery services are nothing new in the Canadian retail landscape, but as increasingly sophisticated technology makes ordering goods online a natural and convenient option, people are beginning to look to online shopping for their food needs as well. Because this has coincided with a move toward healthier eating and greater awareness of the importance of buying local, new markets have opened up for online services that can deliver high quality food.


With the truLOCAL meat delivery service, for example, you can order fresh meat online and have it delivered to your home, office, gym, or cottage the very next day. Because we use refrigerated boxes, you don’t need to worry about being around when your order arrives — the meat is packed in dry ice to ensure it stays fresh all day.


Because truLOCAL specializes in meat delivery, we can offer a wider range of meats and cuts than more general grocery delivery services, and if you check out our products you’ll discover mouth-watering options that will put your local butcher to shame at prices that fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for premium steaks, pork shoulder roast, buffalo burgers, wild-caught fish, gourmet sausages and bacon, or basic staples like ground beef, chicken, or turkey, truLOCAL you can put together a meat box specifically tailored to your tastes for convenient next-day delivery.  


It isn’t hard to see how grocery delivery services save you time. What is less well understood is how much money you can save by using them. Because services like truLOCAL allow you to schedule regular repeating orders, they make it easy to avoid food waste. Once you know how much meat you eat in a month, you can build your monthly order around what you actually need and let it automatically repeat. If you find your meat consumption increasing or decreasing, you can simply adjust the order as needed. Repeating orders are not set in stone, and should you decide to skip one delivery, you can do so without cancelling future deliveries. Likewise, you can set up a one-off delivery if you need a single order of meat for a special occasion without needing to commit to a long-term repeating order. 


Canadians are busier than they have ever been, and one of the side effects of this is that we have less time for tasks that used to be a normal part of the weekly schedule. Fortunately, with expanding online shopping options, flexible delivery, and services tailored to fit your lifestyle, it is easier than ever to get your shopping done quickly and easily using bespoke grocery delivery companies like truLOCAL.


Posted on September 14th, 2018