Greek and Garlic Marinated Stewing Beef

  • 1 Package

Our friends at Hopcott Farm have already marinated these juicy chunks of stewing beef (made up of round roast, flat roast, and sirloin tip roast) with a Greek twist, including lemon and crushed garlic. One of the many reasons why we love working with Hopcott Farms in Pitt Meadows, BC is that they've been family-owned since 1932. 

COOKING TIP: Patience is key to letting these juicy chunks of beef cook down into tender bite-sized pieces. You'll know you've rushed the process if they're tough to chew. To avoid that, try pulling apart a piece with a fork before taking them off the heat. When ready, crumble some feta on top and serve it with herby orzo pasta. 

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