Smoked Boneless Pork Chops

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Coming from Townsend Butchers in Simcoe, ON these smoked boneless pork chops are from vegetarian-fed pigs. Boneless pork chops are cut from the pork loin, a piece from the middle to backside of the pig that has had the rib bone removed. It's a versatile piece that's low in fat and high in protein. Compared to a bone-in chop, the lack of bone means it'll cook faster but is also more likely to dry out if overcooked.

COOKING TIP: There's so much you can do with these boneless pork chops. They can be breaded and pan-fried, seasoned and put on the grill, or marinated and baked. Our favourite way is to heat them up on barbecue but they are also great when heated in a skillet on the stove. To do so, add some oil to the skillet and preheat it on medium-high. Cook for about four minutes per side and let it rest for a few minutes so the juices soak back in. Serve beside steamed broccoli and either scalloped potatoes or sweet potato fries. These would also be great cut up and added to a salad, omelette, or gourmet pizza with caramelized onions.

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