Lamb Shank

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Cut from the shank or shin, right beneath the knee or shoulder of the lamb, lamb shanks are a tougher piece of meat. That's why they're are perfect for braising whole and then enjoying the tender meat right off the bone. These lamb shanks are from our friends at Beverly Creek Farms in Millgrove, ON. Humane handling has always been of utmost importance to the Hardwick family who run Beverly Creek. All of their animals are given space to move around, dry shelter from the elements, and green pasture when in season. Need another reason to add these to your box? Lamb is a great source of iron, potassium, and vitamin B-12. 

COOKING TIP: The key to a good lamb shank is time. So don't take any shortcuts with this one, because it's begging to be slow-cooked in a dutch oven. Braise the full shanks in a red wine, tomato, and garlic base. You can add other herbs or vegetables to your liking (rosemary, carrots, and onions are foolproof options). In terms of portioning, one shank is a healthy amount for one person. You'll want leftovers too for a pulled lamb sandwich.

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