Beef Bacon

  • 1 lb of Beef Bacon

As a flavour-forward alternative to traditional pork bacon, this beef bacon is a great way to switch things up! This bacon is perfect for those who want a good mix of fat AND crispy in their bacon. The meaty parts become almost jerky-like when cooked until crispy and the fat stays juicy and does not render easily. The flavour is similar to traditional bacons due to the brining and smoking but there is also a definite beef flavour in every bite.


COOKING TIP: The key to cooking delicious, crispy beef bacon is to start on low heat so it doesn't dry up due to the lower fat content, but this bacon will get even crispier than pork bacon without getting a powder-like texture. Enjoy it with eggs, crumbled on a salad, sprinkled on a baked potato, or tossed into fried rice.  

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