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Picture this: It's finally warm enough to grill but you're stuck inside portioning and forming burger patties. Now, picture this: You have burger patties ready to hit the grill because you added them to your last truLOCAL meat box. Whether it's for a family BBQ or a quick Tuesday night dinner, burgers should always be an option. Heck, they should even be on hand in the winter. These beef burgers are made with only three ingredients: pasture raised AAA beef, some salt, and a bit of pepper. Our friends at West Grey Premium Beef, which is located just north of Kitchener, have a passion for connecting meat eaters in Ontario with delicious local products like these beef burgers. It's worth noting that these burgers are Grain finished, not Grass fed and finished like our burgers from Heritage Cattle. What's the difference? These Grain finished beef burgers have a slightly firmer texture and tend to be a bit juicier. We welcome you to try both and see which one you prefer.

COOKING TIP: These beef burgers just need a little salt and pepper before they hit the grill. Slide them between a buttered bun or opt for a lettuce wrap with all the fixings. Or go with secret option number three: a patty melt. All you need is two slices of griddled bread, some caramelized onions, a slice of cheese, and a healthy appetite.

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