Sirloin Tip Roast

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Looking for some ideas to feed the whole family or entertain over the holidays? These sirloin tip roasts, also known as round tip roasts, are from just north of Kitchener, Ontario, and are among some of the more popular roasts. They are lean and can also be used in several ways such as in stews or on kabobs.

What's unique about West Grey is how they take it one step further with their "Test Verified" system, which tests for any antibiotic residue. West Grey's Test Verified system was developed with advice from Professional Veterinarians and experts from the University of Guelph so you can trust that antibiotic claims are valid.

COOKING TIP: For a perfect medium rare, cook these roasts until the internal temperature reaches 135°F or 57°C. Roasts can vary in shape and size, so instead of cooking for a certain length of time, it is much better to use a food thermometer to monitor the internal temperature to 135°F for best results. 


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