Prime Rib Roast

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Nothing brings the warmth like a nice, big, juicy roast! Coming out of Durham County, these prime rib roasts are a perfect treat for the whole family. Also known as standing rib roasts, these roasts are truly the top of the crop when it comes to tenderness and flavour. Prime Rib Roasts are cut from the primal rib section and have beautiful marbling that is sure to make any meat lover drool. Regardless of how you season the roast, it’s a guaranteed hit for anyone appreciates well-marbled, juicy, flavour-filled meat. 

What's unique about West Grey is how they take it one step further with their "Test Verified" system, which tests for any antibiotic residue. West Grey's Test Verified system was developed with advice from Professional Veterinarians and experts from the University of Guelph so you can trust that antibiotic claims are valid.

COOKING TIP: The higher the temperature you cook your roast at, the greater the temperature gradient within your meat will be, resulting in unevenly cooked meat. 

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