Thick Cut Bacon

  • 1 lb of Bacon

If you're looking for bacon to wrap something with (scallops, filet mignon, etc), go for the regular bacon. Thick cut bacon won't cook fast enough when wrapped around something else. You want to choose this for BLTs, a breakfast hash, or just as a hearty side dish. Because it's thicker than most other bacons, it has such a fantastic texture that adds so much crispy chewy perfection to any meal. This delicious bacon comes from our friends at Hillview Heritage Pork who have been farming the land around Rosebud, Alberta since 1991.

COOKING TIP: Our favourite way to cook thick-cut bacon is in the oven. Since it's thicker than regular bacon, it takes a bit more time to cook, but it's worth every minute. You can also dice up the bacon and add it to a russet potato hash with onions and bell peppers. Eggs or no eggs, this thick-cut bacon hash is good any time of day.  

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