Ground Lamb

  • 1 lb of Ground Lamb

Lambtastic supplies some pretty fantastic lamb if you ask us. The only ingredient in this product is lamb and that's how it should be! This gluten-free ground lamb is made with lamb raised in Vulcan, AB on a farm that started back in 2012. It's pretty comparable to beef in terms of fat and protein content so you're choosing lamb because you love the distinct gamey flavour it has. 

COOKING TIP: Did someone say kebabs? Yes, we did. There are so many versions of lamb kebabs with varying spices but most usually call for cumin and garlic powder. Don't forget some mint yogurt sauce on the side. You can also replace ground beef in any recipe with ground lamb for a "gamey" kick. Pro tip: Whether you're making burgers, meatballs, or patties, it's best to keep the meat handling to a minimum. Over-working ground lamb can compact the meat and lead to a tougher finished product.

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