Wild Boar Bacon

  • 1 lb of Boar Bacon

Hillview Heritage Pork does it again with their Alberta-raised wild boar bacon. Our favourite thing about wild boar is that it's leaner than traditional pork and packed with more protein than beef (and it tastes like a cross between the two). It's also darker and juicer than regular bacon. If you consider yourself somewhat of a bacon aficionado, you'll definitely want to add these to your box. 

COOKING TIP: Bake 'em, fry 'em, grill 'em! Feel like experimenting? You can also candy them. You read that right. Mix together some maple syrup, a pinch of pepper, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Brush the sweet and spicy mixture onto the strips of wild boar bacon and cook them however you like to cook your bacon. They're. So. Good.

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