Sugar & Nitrate Free Bacon

  • 1 lb of Bacon

Nothing should get between you and your bacon. That's why we're so excited to bring you sugar-free, nitrate-free bacon from Hillview Heritage Pork. Established in 1991, Hillview Heritage Pork raises their pigs in lush farmland around Rosebud, Alberta. This traditional belly bacon is the answer for anyone on a sugar-restricted diet. Just keep in mind that with the removal of ingredients, this bacon will have a slightly different taste from regular bacon.

COOKING TIP: Just like any other bacon! Choose your method: microwave, oven, or an old-fashioned pan. The more important question is how will you eat it? With eggs? In a BLT or burger? Wrapped around some scallops or a tender piece of filet mignon? Okay, we need to stop. We're drooling too much. PS. Without sugar, nitrates, or any other preservatives, make sure to keep this bacon frozen until you’re ready to eat.

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