Wild Caught Shrimp

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Sweet and buttery, Argentinian red shrimp are often compared to lobster for their flavour and texture. These medium to large sized shrimps are wild-caught from the clear, cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to their quick reproduction cycle, Argentinian red shrimp are a sustainable species that are at low risk of over-fishing. These wild-caught shrimp are from our friends at Caudle's Catch, a family operated operation in Ontario. 

COOKING TIP: These wild-caught shrimp are deveined, shell-off, tail-off, but uncooked (despite their pinkish-red raw colour). Don't worry though, they only need minmal cooking. A couple minutes on the grill or in a pan over low heat will do the trick. Did someone say surf and turf? If you're nodding your head, go with a tender filet mignon to compliment the shrimp without overpowering it's delicate flavour. 

Due to the nature of seafood, some seafood products cannot be vacuum-sealed.

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