Chicken Wings

  • 1 lb of Chicken Wings

These aren't just any chicken wings, these wings are from Hutterite-raised chickens in New Dayton, AB. Kingsland Hutterite Colony follows human treatment guidelines including allowing all their chickens to be free-run in open areas. They're also fed a mixed diet of vegetables and grains. Are you team wingette (also known as the flat) or team drumette? Either way, you're getting both when you add this to your next box. 

COOKING TIP: Here's a trick for the perfect oven-baked (or broiled) wings. Start by rubbing the wings with just dry seasonings of your choice and some olive oil. You'll want to broil them for about 10-12 minutes on each side and then coat them in your favourite wing sauce AFTER. (Make sure they're not on the highest rack of the oven or they might burn.) This way the skin will get nice and crispy without the sauce weighing it down in the oven. Wing night just got even better.

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