Pork Side Ribs

  • 1 Rack of Ribs

These juicy side ribs (also known as pork spareribs) tend to be flatter and fattier than back ribs (also known as baby back ribs). They're from below the back ribs behind the breast bones. The flavour is similar to that of pork back ribs but they require a longer cooking time to reach the ideal tenderness due to the higher fat content. 

COOKING TIP: Pork side ribs take some time to get tender, but it's definitely worth it. If you happen to have a smoker, this is the perfect opportunity to use it. If not, the oven will be your best bet. You'll need bbq sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, paprika, and something spicy (hot sauce or chilli flakes work!) for a perfectly balanced sauce. Don't start these when you're already hungry. Give yourself about a 4-hour head start. 

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