• 1 lb of Scallops

Did you know? Scallops are low in calories and cholesterol while being rich in protein. These tender, sweet medallions from Organic Ocean Seafood are actually shellfish even though you rarely see them being sold or served with their shell on. Organic Ocean Seafood takes pride in sustainably harvesting or producing all of their products, primarily in British Columbia.

COOKING TIP: You probably think of scallops as "too fancy to make at home", but they're actually super easy to cook. Once defrosted, these little ocean jewels just need a bit of salt and pepper on each side then sear them in some browned butter. Flip each scallop after 3 minutes and let it cook on the other side until they're completely opaque or reached an internal temperature of 145°F. Give them a lemon squeeze on top and serve them over creamed corn or saffron risotto.

Due to the nature of seafood, many products cannot be vacuum-sealed.

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