Grass-fed and Finished Beef Bones

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According to nutritionists, bones are packed with minerals and contain healing and detoxifying properties. Bones can help improve many factors such as your gut health, athletic performance, metabolism, and even your immune and autoimmune systems. For maximum flavour, use these bones for cooking up delicious soups, stews, and broths - or even gravy!

WHAT DOES 100% GRASS-FED MEAN? While the majority of cattle spend most of their lives in a pasture eating grass before being sent to a feedlot for grain-finishing, 100% grass-fed beef cattle remain on a pasture eating grass and hay. This results in the unique taste and texture of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

COOKING TIP: Try using 2lbs of bones per 4 liters of water. Beef bones are ideal for making broth and stock, but for extra flavour be sure to roast your bones before boiling them for a richer and more flavourful broth. Also add a little acid medium, in the form of apple cider vinegar, to help break down the bones and draw out additional minerals.

*Note- this is not a product that can be vacuum-sealed.

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