Beef Tenderloin Bites

  • 1 Package

If you want to talk about tender beef cuts, the tenderloin is unbeatable. These steak bites from Two Rivers are made from the tips of the tenderloin, the most tender cut of beef there is. This Angus beef has never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones and has only been fed a vegetarian diet. Steak bites do not have as much marbling as other beef cuts so they are a leaner, healthier option for those who love steaks. 

Steak bites are conveniently cut into small pieces so they are a great addition to stir fries, salads, tacos, or featured on their own. Try pan-frying these little gems and adding garlic and butter to make a delicious sauce. Sprinkle in some red pepper flakes if you prefer to kick it up a notch. Now serve that over rice or pasta with some steamed veggies.

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