Ground Bison

  • 1 lb of Ground Bison

The only ingredient in Canadian Rangeland's ground bison is Alberta bison, and that's how it should be. No fillers, no gluten. Raised near Lacombe, AB, these bison are free-roaming year-round. Compared to beef, bison meat is leaner and contains more protein. In terms of the flavour, it's slightly more delicate than beef with some minerality due to its high iron content.

COOKING TIP: You can substitute ground bison into any recipe that calls for ground meat. Just keep in mind that since it contains less fat than beef or pork, it'll cook faster than you might expect. One of our favourite lean lunches (or dinners) is easy stuffed sweet potato skins. Let the sweet potatoes do their thing in the oven while you sauté the ground bison with your favourite seasonings. Then, scoop out the sweet potato meat and mix it with the ground bison before putting it back in. You could also just top the sweet potatoes with the meat if you're in hurry. Finish it with crumbled beef bacon (a great way to add some extra flavour without adding too much fat) and chopped scallions.

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