Organic Chicken Drumsticks

  • 4 -5 Chicken Drumsticks

Drumsticks are from the lower part of a chicken leg, from the knee to the ankle. It has less meat than the thigh but both have such deliciously tender dark meat that it is hard to pick a favourite between the two. One great benefit is that the drumstick is great for eating with your hands - the bone acts like a stick through the middle like a kabob. In fact, just thinking of delicious Southern fried chicken, we picture a drumstick! We like this cut for its dark meat which is more forgiving when cooking because it does not dry out as easily as white meat if overcooked. These chickens are organic, GMO-free, and raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. 


COOKING TIP: This versatile cut can be made so many different ways. You could fry it, bake it, grill it, or slow cook it. You could keep it simple and marinate with some lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper before baking them. Or you could go a little more complicated and dredge them in flour, egg wash, and panko and deep fry them. Either way you decide, get the internal temperature to 165°F and dig in! 

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