Beef Bacon

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Do you crave bacon but are not a huge fan of pork? Do you want to try something different for your next bacon, maybe something with less fat and a slightly different flavour? If you’re looking for something different from your everyday pork bacon, it’s time we told you about beef bacon. It’s exactly what it sounds like: cured and smoked beef sliced into strips just like thick-cut pork bacon. It’s leaner, firmer, and has almost a brisket-like flavour. Ours comes from Hopcott Farms who raise beef without antibiotics and make this bacon by brining it and smoking it with hickory wood. The resulting bacon is salty, smoky, sweet, and delicious. It’s so good that we really should stop comparing it to pork bacon - it’s great in its own right!

COOKING TIPS: Beef bacon can be cooked the same ways that you already love bacon. It’s great in a frying pan, on a griddle, or in the oven. You can use it in most of the same dishes that you love bacon in too, like on a burger, beside eggs, or as a topping for pizza or salads. The only difference is that beef bacon is leaner so you want to make sure not to overcook it or it can dry out. You also wouldn’t use it to wrap around filet mignons or as a weave around dry meatloaf - those dishes need the fat content of fattier pork bacon. This bacon is to be enjoyed on its own. Try some in your next box and see why we love it as much as pork bacon.

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